On-site Sodium Hypochlorite Generators

On-site Sodium Hypochlorite Generators

Experience the safest, most efficient and reliable chlorination process used at thousands of installations around the world: Hidrogeron On site Sodium Hypochlorite Generators (electrochlorination) for Municipal and Industrial Applications.



Hidrogeron On-site Sodium Hypochlorite Generators are the most advanced chlorination systems available producing a sodium hypochlorite based mixed oxidant solution in a safe, economical and reliable way.

• Eliminates hazards associated with gaseous Cl2. More stable than bulk sodium hypochlorite.
• Safe and clean on-site production.
• Safe and economical using only salt, water and electricity.
Eliminate transportation and handling of gaseous chlorine or bulk sodium hypochlorite.
Skid mounted, fully integrated systems.
• Automatic, local or remote operation.
• Easily integrates with all chlorine analyzers and dose control systems.
• Stable and repeatable levels of free chlorine at the end of your distribution system.


Electrochlorination uses electricity to convert SALT + WATER (brine) into a mixed oxidant solution of sodium hypochlorite and hydrogen peroxide.

Evenly spaced titanium electrodes are placed in a 3% brine solution (NaCl + H2O). When a DC current is applied to the electrodes the brine acts as a conductor between the positive and negative poles. The resulting electrochemical reactions convert the brine into the sodium hypochlorite based mixed oxidant solution.


• Promotes public safety by eliminating transportation and handling of chlorine gas cylinders and bulk sodium hypochlorite tankers.
• Transportation of solar salt is safe and economical.
• Greatly reduces labor risks by eliminating operator handling of deadly gaseous chlorine.
• Low concentration sodium hypochlorite is stable and will not degrade over time like bulk hypochlorite.
• Does not require secondary containment like high concentration hypochlorite.
• Cheapest and safest than chlorine scrubber system
• Eliminates the use of chlorine gas containment system


• Greater bactericidal strength due to the presence of hydrogen peroxide and hypochlorous acid in the solution.
• Easily maintain a steady level of residual to the end of distribution system.
• Reduces pre and post chlorination dosages by up to 18% and 30% respectively.
• Reduces pH correction.
• Better results in pre-oxidation compared with other chlorination methods.


• Hidrogeron On-site Sodium Hypochlorite Generators allows full control and monitoring locally or remotely.




Hidrogeron recognizes the importance of being close to the customer for fast technical and commercial support. It is our commitment.

To meet these values we hold the following certifications and provide products meeting these norms:
• We are an ISO 9001 company.
• All electrical components are UL and CSA compliant.
• All cabinets are rated NEMA 12 minimum.
• Currently hold NSF 60 certification for water treatment chemicals (NaOCl).
• NSF 61 certification process for drinking water equipment.


Since 1996 Hidrogeron has developed, manufactured and installed over 10,000 systems worldwide with a proven service record. We are an ISO9001 company. We maintain a large inventory of titanium and other noble metals at all times. All machining and manufacture of critical components is done in-house to exacting standards.

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Hidrogeron power supplies are built to meet all international standards such as UL, CSA and CE with a variety of control options.


“Adopting of chlorine-generating systems meets SANEPAR’s guidelines for replacing gas with a viable and safe alternative. With the implementation there is elimination of impacts in to work safety because the product is not dangerous. This alternative achieves our two main objectives: the complete elimination of the risks of accidents due to gas leaks and installing an economical alternative.”
Marcos Dvorak
SANEPAR | Parana State Water Company Parana – Brazil


Parana – Brazil Capacity: 330lb /day Flow: 5.9 MGD

São Paulo – Brazil

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Power output 220/380/440Vca
Inputs: water, sodium chloride, electricity
Meets any flowrate of treatment
Allows automatization with analyzers of in line chlorine
Skid mounted

Larger custom engineered plants are available. Contact us for details.